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About Us

About Green Planet

Green Planet was born out of the artistic talent of the great architect Mr. Murali Kanjoor. Started in 1980 as Murali’s Grass and Flowers, it was rechristened as “Green Planet” in 2010. With a working experience of more than five years, Green Planet is the first choice of those who wishes to embellish their dream of an ideal and outstanding landscape.

Thrissur, the Cultural Capital of Kerala serves as the headquarters of Green Planet and currently under the energetic leadership of Mr. Vishnu K Murali, our Managing Partner a handful of dynamic youngsters, who are veteran architects and horticulture specialists, are working together towards creative and perfect execution of client-centric landscape designing.

Specialized in the field of landscaping, landscape architecture developing, varieties of garden maintenance, Hardscaping, Irrigation System, 3D home landscapes, and the relatedour involvement in each project is practically productive. The long-term approach to landscape design and construction, our team is expertise in creating greeneries with natural beauty.

Partnered with a burning desire for excellence, crowns in an exceptional finished project and memorable customer experience, our team briefing with modern trends are perfectionists in whatever we do.

Hoping to be the best landscape designers in India, we will rewrite success in golden letters in the days to come…

“ Being inspired from the Nature, every assignment is a challenge for me. It gives me the chances to explore more and more in landscaping. Blending the landscape beauty budded in around the world into your garden is my duty. I thank you all my clients for trusting me and grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your needs. ”
- Vishnu K Murali

Our Specialities

Garden Designing

A garden for family and friends gathering on a sunny evening will be great for you. Garden’s that promote healthy behavior and an environment thatsoothesand relax you at extremely peaceful life is our promise. We take pride in listening to your needs and then develop a design to fit your lifestyle.
We are masterminds behind landscaping various gardens like indoor and tropical gardens, rose and flower garden, rock garden, vegetable garden, butterfly gardens, hanging garden, Japanese garden with gazebo, vertical garden, terrace garden and courtyard garden withvarious combinations of Natural stone & interlock paving, fountain and streams/ponds.


Combining nature with culture and achieving a balance between the built and natural environments are our highlights in landscaping. Stunningly designed landscape ideas complementing your home’s masterpiece architecture we always keep you happy and pride.
We will take care of your concerns, impressions and needs; create a personalized plan for your residence or office with a carefully researched custom landscape design. Best outdoor ideas right from planning a garden to building a home, we will find challenge in each projects’ uniqueness. Landscaping is assured to brighten every corner of the great outdoors.
We are the new way to design your home.

Patio and Walkways

A patio is often seen as an extension of our indoor living space. Simplicity, elegance and a lively place to spend time in outdoors, our patio carved with stone walkways or simply a stone chair, will make you feel great. Whether made of stone, brick, concrete or wood, patio is designed according to the natural setting.
Everything you place outdoors should be weatherproof so right from the materials we select and ideas we use will deliver a low upkeep patio. Make your patio and walkway different with modern and classical ideas which will give a touch of colonial life.

Hardscape Designs

Hardscape designing is an art which is used in landscaping solid, hard elements in the design that stay for years without losing its texture. Stone steps, pathways, rockery garden, natural stone and interlock paving, gazebo adapted from Japanese and blended with Mughal garden style are some of our highlighting facts of hardscape landscaping designs.
Providing a functional and sustainable design appropriate to each region and a design incorporated with characteristics and qualities of materials and plants are the added feature of our plan. Listening carefully to your needs and catering above expectation is our promise for completing your dream of a sweet home.

Ponds and Fountains

Included in the water featuring service, ponds are always an eye soothing sight for any. Framing from small to medium sized pond for residential and commercial, we offer automatic pool maintenance system for changing water and a pond with insect free to save you from unwanted health issues.
Fountains with multicoloured lights and music are ourspeciality. The technique applies to the lighting of fountains and pond as well, especially effective in smaller and courtyard gardens. We will take care of your ideas and needs and will create a personalized plan. We are the first choice to design your dreams.

How We Do It

  • Listening and taking care of client’s ideas and concerns.
  • Presentingdraft design and proposals to clients and will take feedback and corrections for drawing the final design.
  • Combining client's wishes with our knowledge and will work hardly for the best result.
  • Contacting and organizing manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Putting work out to tender,managing, and leading cross-functional teams.
  • Location visit.
  • Make sure for meeting the deadlines.
  • Communicatingand taking suggestions with other professionals on the project.
  • Monitoring and checking work on-site if necessary.
  • Authorizing payment once work has been satisfactorily completed.
  • Taking public inquiries to give evidence if necessary.
  • Generating new business opportunities.