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Choice of plants in Landscaping

POSTED BY Green Planet
Over the years, natural landscaping has been a common term used by every householder to describe a variety of landscaping styles. The art of landscaping needs observation and thorough research as they are trying to build a man-made nature with the minute details.  It’s important to keep in mind that the Creator has already crafted a beautiful Nature that theselandscape designers are trying to create what the Creator has already tried. 
The challenge of every landscape designers is to make their each and every work unique and exceptional. They have been alert right even from the choice of selecting plants. You will be wondering what’s there in the choice of plants? In fact, it’s one of the toughestsyllabuses of landscaping. Researchers always suggest that the attraction a landscape with native plants will be best choice that is welcomed worldwide. The use of native plants in landscaping offers the promise of having nature's beauty on one side. And itis also beneficial, since such plant varieties reduce the need for watering and mowing. 
Nature's wilderness is not just in its spectacular flowers or trees, more than that it is a beauty created out of subtle colours, shapes and textures that belongs as much to the greenery of grasses and sedges, mosses and ferns, shrubs and trees as to flowers. 
Before starting the plan for a new assignment, a visit to local nature gives justification. Identifying local plant varieties and trying to mix them with dynamic colour combinations which reflect the seasonal changes. 
The simple planting would offer all of the qualities which keep a landscape fresh and interesting. In any place there will be number of sky vines with shades and streamers with different tint like sky-blue flowers, yellow flowers, bright orange flowers and pink-lavender flowers and always do select such vines to make your garden more attractive. Creepers will also be a best choice. Dwarf and trailing varieties of plants will also be there with a range of colours and in fact such plants are drought-resistant. 
Bushes and shrubs are the next choice. With their coppery-tinged leaves, they will always stand unique in your garden. Variegated lilies, trees which grow fast in the proposed soil, Mexican petunia, bougainvilleas, golden duranta shrubs and fern trees are common plants find in the world. 
Choosing the grass which suits your climate and design is the most important step in creating a lawn, as it’s the canvas on which you build your landscape. Always to try to select low maintenance grass varieties as it makes your lawn look fresh always. Try to avoid such grasses which becomes straw-coloured when season changes. 
The ultimate aim of every landscaper is aesthetically create the kinds of landscapes native to the continent which greeted our pioneer ancestors. Every design must have something inherent in the natural world that stimulates the eye and excites the mind.